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Known bugs in version 1.1


• “Front” button sometimes needs to be clicked twice

• On some systems, the “click” button will give a kind of double click instead of a clean single click. In this case, synchronize to the beginning click


I had problems with my download, what do I do?




I’m having trouble getting the lag right


Try a value around 2.5 to start with, then change it by + or - 0.1 until the clicks are synchronized. On my MacBook pro 13” from 2009, my lag is 2.35.


Kitchen Sync

BOOM 808 Percussion Synth

Tick Tick Percussion Synth


How bad is the CPU usage for long chains?


On a mid-2009 MacBook Pro, I see 2 bars on the CPU meter with the 20-chain combinator (click here for screenshot)


Is there anything I can do to get note-to-track?


This Propellerhead forum thread discusses a method for recording Tick Tick patterns:


For Windows (quoted from the thread):


The idea is to use the Tick Tick as a control surface. You need a virtual midi port to do this. I used LoopBe1:


- Connect the Tick Tick gate and note outs to a external midi instrument module

- Set the midi output to LoopBe internal midi

- Go to edit/preferences/control surfaces

- Click add

- for manufacturer choose other, for model choose midi control keyboard

- set the midi port to LoopBe internal midi


Now you can control any device in your rack with the tick tick and record it in the sequencer.


For Mac:


There's a built in virtual MIDI port:


1) open Audio MIDI Setup, and click on Window->Show MIDI Window

2) double-click on IAC driver, then make sure "device is online" is checked

3) hook up Tick Tick to external midi device, and select IAC Driver Bus 1

4) add a new control surface, <other>, midi control keyboard, and select IAC Driver Bus 1


That's like a charm!




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