ReasonSync for Mac - Control QuickTime video from Reason

Do you want to use Reason to control video, but you don't like slaving Reason with Rewire? ReasonSync is for you

• You don't have to compromise your workflow

• Hit play in Reason, and your video plays, hit stop in Reason and your video stops

• Move your timepoint in Reason, and your video moves with it

• ReasonSync videos have their own volume and mute

• Keep your video on top of Reason with Front option

• Stay in perfect sync - with ReasonSync

• NEW! Version 1.1 released!

• New Full-screen mode

• New design

ReasonSync download ............ $30 USD

System Requirements:

• Mac OS X 10.6.8 or higher (contact us for older OS X down to 10.5)

• Propellerhead Reason 5 or higher

• Special version available for 32-bit OSX - contact us for details


Video files types:

• QuickTime-compatible video files (.mov, .mp4, .avi, and more)

• see here for complete list


“Regarding classroom license, my students are working on final projects and making wonderful use of Reason Sync with no hitches whatsoever. It's a flawless product.”

-- Robert Bruning, The Academy of Music at Hamilton High School


"Now I can just take the rough cut video to Reason score and adjust, bounce to Final Cut Pro and I am done! Potentially hours and hours of time saved in editing and scoring!!! Best of all ReasonSync is like $30! I highly recommend it!"

--D. A. Sebastian, musician and film maker,

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